Force – phenomena and forms –

Force is everywhere. Anyone can see it, but there are many people who think they can’t see it. This forc […]

Medium / Media and expression

Throughout its history, ART has developed through a variety of mediums while creating expressions that reflect […]

Internal organs and senses

2023/05/16 We tend to think that our memories are stored in the brain. Certainly, memory exists in the brain. […]

My role

2023/02/23 Each person has a role. People who earn money, people who educate, people who build houses. Because […]

The Dawn

2020/10/6 Beauty may exist at places beyond our control. It is an overwhelming wonder, and the primary beauty […]

My origin 

What makes me who I am is my childhood. Child acting, which I started at the age of three, is very important t […]