Force – phenomena and forms –

Force is everywhere. Anyone can see it, but there are many people who think they can’t see it. This force is found in many living things, giving them form and existence. Force is involved in things that are stationary or moving, and even in phenomena such as wind and fog.
You can see the power. Feel it through your body, not your head. We must understand that the information we receive through our eyes is not just shape and color. This is because it is possible to see the energy emanating from within at the same time. And it’s involved in every movement. From the movement of our bodies, to the movement of animals, the growth of plants, the movement of clouds and waves, the rotation of the earth, and the galaxy.  
Movement creates form. Exploding, contracting, and rotating. They create structure. Your body, the trunk of a tree, mountain. When there is Force, its shape keeps changing. When it becomes a shell, it leaves a shape behind. We are not looking at the shape. What exists there is Force and time left behind.

“Existence and the world are justified only as sensuous phenomena.” Nietzsche

力 -現象と形態-