Internal organs and senses


We tend to think that our memories are stored in the brain. Certainly, memory exists in the brain. However, we must not forget that various memories are also stored in our internal organs.
“I felt as if the transplanted heart and lungs were sitting in my body, with their own consciousness and memories. ~A dream that proves part of my personality continues to live on. When I saw this, I became able to feel changes in myself.” 1 There is a case in which the recipient’s tastes and preferences of the owner of the transplanted organ permeate into the body of the recipient who has experienced heart transplantation, and this tendency is strengthened. Organs have memories that affect the mind of the recipient. Hobbies and tastes are made up of sensory elements and are one of the important elements for establishing identity. This experience proves that our physical bodies themselves are strongly connected to our identities. Not only in the brain, we store various memories and information throughout the body.

1 A Change of Heart , by Claire Sylvia (Author), William Novak (Author)





 1「記憶する心臓」クレア・シルビア ウィリアム・ノヴァック 著 


My role


Each person has a role. People who earn money, people who educate, people who build houses. Because we humans can’t do everything by ourselves.
“Rebuilding the world” is my current role. It’s kind of like a mission. However, that is the role at this point in time, it was different in the past and will change again in the future. Not long ago the role was different. I have created works to understand the structure of the world, and have continued to dissect and explore. During those long years, I have had work other than production activities, and in my daily awareness, I have come to understand the structure and connections of this world with surprises and discoveries. That was my previous role. Before that, I understood human thoughts, emotions, and expressions through my role as an actor. I think I reached my current role by accumulating those experiences, understandings, and roles. And now, for the reconstruction of the world, imagine and create the world.





The Dawn


Beauty may exist at places beyond our control. It is an overwhelming wonder, and the primary beauty may exist in a state where our ability to process information cannot reach.

Our body has undergone various evolutionary processes to reach its present state. It has preserved memories from when it was an animal, when it was a fish, and when it was an earlier invertebrate. The more we go back, the more we can understand the connections we have with such creatures. We can realize that humans are not separate from other creatures.

Maybe it’s because I often went to a swimming pool when I was little boy, I like being surrounded by water. That weightlessness, moderate water pressure, and the muffled sounds in the water helped release my body and consciousness from the everyday world. It was as if I could remember that humans came from the sea.

It is believed that the sea is the place where living organisms originated. According to anatomist and embryologist Shigeo Miki, our ancestors were a type of sea squirt, which was the prototype design for organisms with internal organs like a mouth-like entrance and an exit such as an anus. The fluctuation of seawater created the peristaltic movement of the internal organs, which developed into the rhythm of the heart’s “beating”. From a macro perspective, the fluctuation of seawater is caused by the force of attraction generated by the positional relationship between the earth and the moon, which are brought about by planetary activities such as rotations and orbital motion. It sounds so grandiose, but the rhythm that resonates in us is influenced by external factors.It is generally believed that “about 70% of our body is made of water”, so the fluid dynamics caused by water are also related to our body structure. The configuration of human internal organs, animal bones, horns, and plants is a metamorphosis of water flow movement. They were formed from the movement of water, which has plasticity.

The movement of water creates rhythms, which can be traced back to the waves of the sea. The movement of the waves which resembles earth’s blood circulation repeatedly collapses and reforms infinitely, and the same moment never appears again. Underneath, it carries the diverse similarities and structural connections of this world.

Excerpt from the catalog “The Dawn”

The Dawn







カタログ「The Dawn 」より抜粋

My origin 

What makes me who I am is my childhood. Child acting, which I started at the age of three, is very important to me and has shaped the way I see the world. The act of “acting” was the very act of “becoming someone as it is”. In the same way that children often become TV heroes, I became someone in the script. It was a very natural thing for me to do. I spent a lot of time doing that until I quit that job when I was 16 or 17. Many times in my life I was someone or something other than myself. In adolescence I searched within myself for my identity. But I couldn’t find it in me. Because I was much someone or something other than myself, and it was outside of me. I explore my outer world to know myself. But it is also inside me.