Internal organs and senses


We tend to think that our memories are stored in the brain. Certainly, memory exists in the brain. However, we must not forget that various memories are also stored in our internal organs.
“I felt as if the transplanted heart and lungs were sitting in my body, with their own consciousness and memories. ~A dream that proves part of my personality continues to live on. When I saw this, I became able to feel changes in myself.” 1 There is a case in which the recipient’s tastes and preferences of the owner of the transplanted organ permeate into the body of the recipient who has experienced heart transplantation, and this tendency is strengthened. Organs have memories that affect the mind of the recipient. Hobbies and tastes are made up of sensory elements and are one of the important elements for establishing identity. This experience proves that our physical bodies themselves are strongly connected to our identities. Not only in the brain, we store various memories and information throughout the body.

1 A Change of Heart , by Claire Sylvia (Author), William Novak (Author)





 1「記憶する心臓」クレア・シルビア ウィリアム・ノヴァック 著