My role


Each person has a role. People who earn money, people who educate, people who build houses. Because we humans can’t do everything by ourselves.
“Rebuilding the world” is my current role. It’s kind of like a mission. However, that is the role at this point in time, it was different in the past and will change again in the future. Not long ago the role was different. I have created works to understand the structure of the world, and have continued to dissect and explore. During those long years, I have had work other than production activities, and in my daily awareness, I have come to understand the structure and connections of this world with surprises and discoveries. That was my previous role. Before that, I understood human thoughts, emotions, and expressions through my role as an actor. I think I reached my current role by accumulating those experiences, understandings, and roles. And now, for the reconstruction of the world, imagine and create the world.