PULSE / 2022

Heartbeat, Speaker unit, Silk thread, Amplifier
H40 W18 D18 cm
Sound sculpture


Visualize own heartbeat.
The things that appear there resonate and move continuously within the body. It creates our life.

We see the world from the individual “I”. We create this world from what I feel through the senses of my eyes, ears and skin. The heartbeat is also the energy that generates that sensation.

PULSE” visualizes the owner’s or someone else’s heartbeat. It becomes to wear someone’s more concrete feelings. The inside of the self or the inside of others appears there.
We see the phenomenon of the subjective body that knows the world.


そこに現れるものは、身体の中で途切れることなく鳴り、動き続ける。 それは私たちの人生を創り出す。

私達は「私」という 個人から世界を眺める。目や耳や皮膚の感覚を通して感じたものから、この世界を作り出す。鼓動はその感覚を生成するエネルギーでもある。