“Mæssage” LOKO GALLERY / 2022

"Mæssage" exhibition
"PULSE" art work

2022-03-04 [Fri] – 2022-04-03 [Sun]

Artist statement

“In a flowing state or any moment within, a unique state appears. In this world, not a single state has appeared the same. In other words, a single peerless occurrence is being countlessly repeated in the same pattern.” (*1)

To keep moving on, to repeat construction and deconstruction, and restlessly evolve like a life form – This is some sort of a rule which constructs the world. I am wandering about amid this dynamic phenomenon, searching for the connection of consciousness and unconsciousness, the sense and consideration.

I presume my pursuit of the world began since discretion. “How is this world made?” This question, which may have had been thought by many others at least once in their lifetime, is continuing ever since. It was difficult to solve this question from a single methodology or a point of view – therefore I am executing what I discovered through the practices and failures gained from attempts in numerous fields, as a form of art. Through this act, I am trying to comprehend the world surrounding myself. For me, my works are “devises” which intermediates myself or the appreciators and something invisible hidden in this world.

The quest to comprehend this world is approached from various viewpoints, such as philosophy, science, and esthetics. Things created from this process make the relationship of each other lost at times – however, it connects and intersects somewhere else. The state of the world could not be depicted in a single way. It begins from oneself, or the origin of the quest, which transects other fields such as others, the society, the nature, the universe – it connotes or is connoted by others, and is restored to oneself by accompanying nested layers of alternation and reversal – because the bodily organ of yours or mine is the countering border of this world.

I use many forms of media in my works. In each works I search for the most ideal material, or medium, and convert it to a media which connects the work and the appreciators. Each unique media is a devise necessary to create unique sense or viewing experience. As McLuhan stated, “All media are extensions of some human faculty—psychic or physical”(*2), it draws out and amplifies human’s sensorial organs, and contributes to bring new sense. It directly appeals to receptive organs such as vision, audition, and taction. I am expecting to deliver any sort of message through the massage to the sense.

New media arise in new phase of generation. Will it update our senses? I would like to enjoy the simultaneous phenomenon beyond time and space – without systemising it. When it is systemised by someone, it has already changed to another state. Will I construct a new world while putting myself in a world instantly connected by a new media? Or will I return to the world of primitive senses? At any rate, we will be burnt to ashes, or return to soil and become part of nature.

*1 Noboru Nakamura “The Philosophy of White Head” (Kodansha Publishing, 2007)
*2 Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Fiore “The Medium Is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects”

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*1 中村昇『ホワイトヘッドの哲学』(講談社、2007年)
*2 マーシャル・マクルーハン 、クエンティン・フィオーレ『メディアはマッサージであるー 影響の目録』(門林岳史 訳、河出書房、2015年)