Différence de nature / 2021

  • Différence de nature

People’s heartbeat, Speaker, Silk threads, Amplifier, Mp3player,Stethoscope
H320 W400 D400 cm
Support:Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. ShareMedical
@Art Factory Jonanjima


All of us humans have a heart, and its heartbeat leads to ancient memories of life. According to anatomist Shigeo Miki, the peristaltic movement (peristaltic movement) for sea squirts in the sea to take in food in the sea became the rhythm of the heartbeat, which is related to the ebb and flow of the sea and the cycle of the moon and the earth. At the same time, none of our heartbeats have the same rhythm. We all have “different and the same thing”.

By visualizing the heartbeat that we all have, we express the fundamental “identity of difference” and “diversity and universality” of human beings. The 36 speakers arranged in a circle reproduce the heartbeats of various people such as gender, race, age, and gender, and the silk thread attached to the speakers visualizes and makes the heartbeats tactile. In addition, the speaker placed in the center of the circle makes the viewer’s heartbeat visible and tactile in real time using a Bluetooth stethoscope. The viewer will experience the inside of the self and the other at the same time, and will see, hear, and touch the fundamental life of human beings. It knows our diversity and universality and is reminiscent of multiple factors such as ethnic differences in human society, multiculturalism, gender, immigrants and refugees.