In progress project


I express our “identity with difference” and “diversity and universality” by means of a device that simultaneously visualizes and tactile the heartbeats of ourselves and others.

We all human beings have a heart, and its heartbeat leads to ancient life memories. The peristaltic movement to take in food in the sea becomes the rhythm of the heartbeat, which is related to the ebb and flow of the sea and the cycle of the moon and the earth. Since ancient times, information other than human beings has been unknowingly stored in that information. At the same time, none of our heartbeats have the same rhythm. We each have the same thing that different.

This work is based on the work “Apart and / or Together” that visualizes the human heartbeat with the theme of diversity and universality, and the work “Inside out” that visualizes the individual heartbeat, and has developed and fused them. Visualize and tactile the viewer’s heartbeat, record at the same time, and save in the cloud. The heartbeats of past viewers stored in the cloud are randomly played from multiple speakers arranged in a circle. By saving human life memory in the cloud and replaying it from there, human physicality is maintained in virtual space and real space.  This work expresses the real and virtual worlds that surround us today, as well as the diversity and universality of human beings.




この作品は、多様性と普遍性をテーマに人間の鼓動を可視化した作品《Apart and/or Together》と、個人の鼓動を可視化する作品《Insied out》を原型とし、それらを発展させ融合させた作品。

Apart and/or Together

Inside out