It might be also in the inside#3 / 2017


Heartbeat, Speaker unit, Silk thread, Amplifier, Mp3player
H250 W400 D400 cm
@Shibuya Hikarie8 Cube1,2,3

This work was made by a workshop that [To exchange stories and events of yourself with others,and to express stories newly recalled from it in photos and novels]. In the exhibition, I exhibited their story and photograph around the red thread that visualized the heartbeat of 15 participants. A new narrative created from the narratives of the others flows from a small speaker as a reading aloud, and the photographs of one scene of the story are put on the wall. viewers will hear a story that someone’s fictional story which is not anyone and looks for that image from the photography of the wall in a space where the heartbeat of many others rings. Is it myself or others when we understanding others and we make a new story from others?