Review of “It might be also in the inside” / 2015

In Yamada’s work, phenomena occurring in everyday life, such as water sparkle, darkness, heart sounds, are the subject. In this exhibition, I will introduce it to everyone, focusing on the sound from among them. In the venue, many thin threads are hung from the speaker hung on the ceiling, and the sound of the person’s heart is being reproduced. Its appearance that the thread waves unduly according to the beat of the heart is felt like a living person. When you are watching a work, you become uneasy, comfortable, and various emotions are born. Also, we can enter and touch the work. You can do a mysterious experience as if you could touch what is inside of you. By the way, for Yamada who was an actor during childhood, to play is “to become someone who is not yourself”. “To become somebody” is nothing but a “covering the mask of another personality and becoming” not myself. ” For Yamada who has repeated such actions of “becoming someone” from childhood, which is a highly empathetic period in character formation, you can easily imagine what you are not sure of. Yamada, however, began thinking “There is no gap between myself and the world,” from which we will step into production as a “device for understanding the world”. “A device to understand the world” means that Yamada’s desire to clarify the unstable identity of himself somewhere, to reveal what kind of world he is going to be reflected You can think. At the same time, it may be a desire common to all of us human beings other than Yamada in this unsettling society and the world. Yamada’s mysterious work world that sometimes becomes uneasy and may give restlessness and comfort. It is noticed that there is a certain power that is awakening the memory of the viewer. When thinking about this power, you can pay attention to Yamada’s words “sound is deeply connected with the heart”? For example, we may get inspiration from music, the sounds of nature, etc. That experience is not obtained by trying to understand or putting thoughts on it, rather it is not something that can only be said to happen suddenly at the moment you hear it, or a strong emotion that can not be explained Is not it. This impulsive impression may be because it is the reason to awaken an individual’s past events.

Curator: Rina Mukouhata


企画 : 向畑梨菜