It might be also in the inside#3 / そのなかにも在るかもしれない#3 / 2017





heartbeat, speaker unit, silk thread, amplifier, mp3player
H250 x W400 x D400 cm
@Shibuya Hikarie8 (Tokyo) , 17Jan - 11 Jan
Narrative of Narrative, Art of Art: for those who cannot complehend this intolerant age
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This work was made by a workshop that [To exchange stories and events of yourself with others,and to express stories newly recalled from it in photos and novels]. In the exhibition, I exhibited their story and photograph around the red thread that visualized the heartbeat of 15 participants. A new narrative created from the narratives of the others flows from a small speaker as a reading aloud, and the photographs of one scene of the story are put on the wall. viewers will hear a story that someone’s fictional story which is not anyone and looks for that image from the photography of the wall in a space where the heartbeat of many others rings. Is it myself or others when we understanding others and we make a new story from others? ——————————————————- 【自身の記憶や出来事を他者と交換し、そこから新たに想起される物語を、写真と小説にあらわす】というワークショップを大学生15名と行い、彼等の創造物と彼等の鼓動を展示した作品。参加した15名の鼓動を可視化した赤い糸の周りに、彼等が自己のナラティブと他者のナラティブから創造した新たな物語が小さなスピーカーから朗読される。壁にはその物語の一場面を捉えた写真が貼られている。鑑賞者は誰かの鼓動が鳴り響く空間で、誰かの、だが誰でもない架空の物語を聞き、写真と繋ぎ合わせる。そこには、鑑賞者の解釈と、イメージの選定が鑑賞者自身のナラティブによって創造される。