Apart and/or Together / 2017

  • yamada teppei






10 people's heartbeat, Speaker, Silk threads, Amplifier, Mp3player H210 x W215 x D25 cm @Taipei Artist Village
Nowadays, with the globalization of the economy, relationships between countries are not relative but compounded. Economies and values that are established within only their own countries are decreasing. Many countries are eroding or fusing together and making culture. That's indicated when I see scenery similar to the street I live on when I occasionally go abroad. However, at the same time, we try to make things that differentiate us from other countries. While fusing, we attempt to individualize. We try to bear relief in our sympathy with others and establish identities in our differences. By our very nature, we may desire both the conflicted “Apart” and “Together” at the same time.   昨今、世界経済がグローバル化に伴い、国と国との関係性は相対的なものではなく、複合的なものになっている。自国だけで成立する様な経済や価値観は減少しつつある。多くの国は互いに侵食、または融合し文化を形づくる。しかし、同時に私達は他国との差異を作りだそうとする。融合しつつ個別化をはかる。この構造は、私達人間が安心を他者との共鳴の中に抱き、差異によってアイデンティティを確立しようとする構造とにている。