View of the Godpillars in the mind / 2012

View of the Godpillars in the mind_02 View of the Godpillars in the mind_01 View of the Godpillars in the mind_03

pigment on paper, Earplug, Ear protectors
360×80 cm

Bothered by the noise around my atelier, I inserted earplugs.

Because it wasn’t such a very noisy place, the external sounds vanished immediately.

And after a while, I began to hear my heart beating, my own pulse.

Even though this is a sound that never stops beating within me, it felt like something I had been yearning for.

I recalled something I read in a book about neuroscience. The discussion at one point was about which senses are involved in creating the human notion of “heart.” The heart is invisible, so it can’t be vision. The heart can’t be touched, so it can’t be touch. It has no form, no flavor, no scent, so it can’t be taste or smell. Considered in this way, our notion of “heart” can only constructed from what we hear; it is an auditory concept. Those who see my work are looking while listening with their ears and the space in their hearts. They discover that my work is not to be seen or heard but, instead, to be felt.






以前読んだ脳科学の本を思い出した。ある箇所で「心」は人間のどの感覚から創り出したものなのかということが 議論されていた。目では見えないから視覚からではなく、触ることができないから触覚でもない、姿形の無いものか ら味やにおいは発生されないことから、味覚や嗅覚でもない。そう考えると「心」は音から創り出された聴覚的観念 だと書かれていた。私の作品を見る人、それぞれの心の空間を耳で作る聴きながら、見てみる。そうすると、作品は見るや聴くでは なく、感じることだと改めて気付かされる