Untitled / 2009

shiwa01 shiwa02 shiwa03

terracotta ,grass 220x190x40 cm
The light reflected from the surface of the water moves in the ripples caused by the wind. When I see this phenomenon, my heart grows calm. I myself seem to merge with the forms created by the rippling light and water. Perhaps it is because the human body is 70 percent water that we resonate with the rippling water. What do people see in the reflections of glittering movements of light?    光を反射する水面が風によって揺れ動く その現象を見ている時、私は心が穏やかになる 揺れ動く光と水の形に自分自身が溶け込んでいく様だ 人の身体も70%は水で出来ているから 揺れ動く水と共鳴しているのかもしれない キラキラと動く光の反射に人は何を見るのだろうか