Hakai to Souzou no Kaiwa / ハカイとソウゾウのカイワ / 2016



Linen cloth, speaker unit, amplifier,mp3player,sound of Akiyoshidai(Heat beat, waterdrop, river, explosion,etc...)
Variable size
Akiyoshidai International Art Village / 27 February - 7 March 2016

(In japanese Hakai means destruction, Souzou means creation and imagination, and kaiwa means conversation and harmony.)


My project at  AIAV focuses on collecting and visualizing the sound of this area. While researching otto the karst plateau, limestone caves and the land of Mine City, I found two elements named water and limestone, and people’s lives that are engaged in them. The karst plateau that has a memory of the ocean of millions years ago has been transformed into peculiar topography and limestone caves by ran erosion. Peopele live in the unique geographical features earning their daily bread by limestone. Collecting the sound of the ocean and rain that have formed this land as well as the sound of people, I attempted to reconstruct the karst plateau to connect ancient times with the present and future.