Dancing with the darkness / 2013

Dancing with the darkness_02




Dancing with the darkness_01

Camphor tree 240x12x12 cm
Stand back and look at a forest or a tree from a distance. There are shadows in the gaps between the leaves and branches, an infinity of points of darkness. While we sense the life force in a forest or a tree, we also sense the presence of death in these infinite bits of darkness. In the light there is darkness. In life there is death. Creating form from darkness. Here I present the forms that that action has created.   森や木から距離をとって眺めてみる 葉や枝の隙間が影になり、無数の闇を見せる 森や木からは生命力を感じるのに その無数の闇が少なからず死を内包している様に感じる 光は闇を含み、生は死を含む事と同じなのかもしれない 闇によってカタチを作る その行為が作り出したカタチをここに提示してみる