Drawing / 2011





pigment on paper 57x77 cm
A damaged image. It will not last forever. I rub soot onto paper. As I rub, the soot breaks up. I apply pressure and it breaks up again. From the black surface covered with soot, I remove the soot little by little. Truly little by little, the white of the paper faintly appears. As if searching for something, groping in the darkness, little by little a form takes shape in the soot. It's like light seen through a slit, or a solar eclipse. As the soot is disturbed by a breeze or vibration, the image is destroyed. Knowing it won't last forever makes it so very precious.   壊れてしまう絵 永遠に続かないもの 煤を紙に擦り込む 擦り込む度に煤は剥がれ そして圧着され また剥がれる 煤だらけの黒い画面から少しづつ煤を取る 本当に少しづつ ぼやけた紙の白が現れる 闇の中で手探りで何かを探している様に 煤の中から少しづつカタチが現れる スリッドから見える光や 日食の太陽みたいだ 煤は風や振動ですぐに壊れてしまう 永遠に続かないと解っているからとても大事におもう