Workshop ”Look for the sound of Akiyoshidai” /「秋吉台の音を探す」





Akiyoshidai International Art village / 秋吉台国際芸術村
13 Feb, 2016

I taught a workshop in Akiyoshido Cave and the karst plateau above, where participants collected the sound generated from this land. We picked up a song of birds and voice of the wind in Akiyoshidai, and collected the sound of water drops, rivers and waterfalls in Akiyoshido Cave. Then, we listened to the sound and discussed the soundscape of Akiyoshidai, which was revealed by reconsidering the landscape of Akiyoshidai through an auditory viewpoint. Also, we played the sound at AIAV’s hall, and by imagining its shapes and colors we made sketches of the sound that originally has no visual elements.