About Hakai to Souzou to Kaiwa / 2016



“Voice at Doline

One day I climbed a mountain in Akiyoshidai, and looking down the shape of a hollow Doline, I imagined what kind of sound it would be if any voice came out of the Doline. What came to me then is the sound of the ocean, which is not supposed to be there. The limestone created under the sea is melted by rain, which then becomes a river and  goes back to the sea. This sound is to connect recollections of the ocean of millions years ago with the future when it may return to the ocean million years later. Collecting the sound of the rain fell in this land, of water drops and  streams in limestone caves, of people who live in such a peculiar l and as Uvala, of those who earn their daily bread by limestone, and of the elements that form this land such as the ocean to link ancient time with the present and future, I thought that I would generate the sound as voice form the widely opened Doline’s  ‘mouth’.






“Destruction and Creation by Nature and Mankind”

Through my research into the topography of Akiyoshidai and  my communication with the local people, I found this land full of creativity. Coral on the ocean bed formed limestone, which then created Doline and limestone caves through rain erosion. People Who live around cut through a mountain of limestone and produce new natural resource. I managed to find two terms, “destruction” and “creation” in the geographical features that the nature has made up over an extraordinarily long time, and in the fact that people artificially create something with the natural resources of this l and.